About Us

Towne Property Management is an independently owned and operated real estate management company located in Bozeman, MT. We manage a number of residential, commercial, and homeowner’s association properties. We market commercial office space, warehouses, apartments, houses, condos, and townhomes in the Bozeman and Belgrade area. For more information on our management and caretaking services, please refer to the Services page.


Management Philosophy
Our mission at Towne Property Management is simple; maximize every property’s performance by managing it as if it were our own. Our management practices take the extra, proactive efforts on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to increase the value and marketability of your investment. We understand your property is a long-term investment, and it requires quality management to realize its full potential.
Whether it’s residential, commercial, or a homeowners’ association, we are a company who truly cares about keeping your investment at the top of the real estate market year-in and year-out. With the tough economic conditions we are currently facing, it is now even more important to have good management working for you to secure qualified tenants and adapt to the changing market conditions.
Our management philosophy reflects on our ability to offer clean, comfortable, and up-to-date housing and commercial spaces for our tenants. Before any tenant checks into a property, we ensure the property is immaculate; i.e. carpets professionally shampooed, deep cleaned from floor to ceiling, all nail holes filled and touched up, and any maintenance issues resolved. This procedure not only makes the new tenant feel comfortable in their new residence, but creates the standard when the tenant checks-out; leaving no security deposit discrepancies and a clean, well maintained unit for the next tenant.

A Message from the Owner
Thank you for taking the time to consider Towne Property Management as your management company. We ask for a lot of information from our tenants and property owners, so I will take this time to give you some information about myself and Towne Property Management.
My roots of managing properties began at a young age in Missoula, MT. I worked for a property owner and helped with everything from maintenance to bookkeeping for numerous properties until I moved to Bozeman. With my experience and background in property management, I began purchasing and managing my own properties years ago and have been involved in Bozeman’s real estate industry ever since.
As far as my education, I hold a Major and Minor Bachelors degree in Business from Montana State University and have completed additional courses in both property management and real estate appraising.
As a licensed Property Manager governed through the Montana Board of Realty Regulation, I am very educated and knowledgeable of the Landlord/Tenant Act and operate my business “by the book” for all rental procedures including fair housing, notices, evictions, rental agreements, security deposits, and all rights and obligations of both landlord and tenant.
I started Towne Property Management with the purpose of passing along my quality real estate management practices to other property owners in the area. I am committed to providing personalized services and building strong relationships with all property owners, board members, and residents.
To control the quality of services we offer, we are only accepting a limited number of properties in the area. If you are ready for a redirection of your investment and ready to see real results from your property, please call us 406-219-1193.


Cory Robinson
Towne Property Management | President