Our management approach not only controls the day-to-day operations of your property, but realizes the full income potential throughout the lifetime of your investment. Improving and maintaining the level of your property increases rent, decreases vacancy, attracts quality tenants, and ultimately increases the value of your investment.There are two methods of managing rental properties. First, you can ‘milk’ every penny out of your property, leaving you with low rents, deadbeat tenants, lower property values, increased liability exposure, and thousands of dollars of deferred maintenance. At Towne Property Management, our method takes more effort on our end, but pays you big dividends in the end. We methodically set goals to maintain and/or improve the condition of every unit to maximize the property’s short and long-term returns. Basically, you are amortizing the deferred maintenance and improvements and spreading out these expenses over its lifetime. Therefore, you retain great long-term tenants, higher rents, low vacancy, high property values, and if or when you decide to sell, there is minimal deferred maintenance to hold back a potential buyer.In the long run, it will actually cost you less to keep and maintain quality rentals than to “milk” every penny out them. Towne Property Management takes the approach of operating and protecting your investment in a manner that is cost effective, justifiable, and amortized over time.

We work closely with all investors of commercial warehouses, offices, and small retail to customize services that will fulfill the specific needs and goals of each property. We are committed to assisting our clients in maximizing their real estate investment by providing them the very best in real estate management. We feel it is important to build strong, communicative relationships with tenants to establish long-term tenancies. It is now even more important for us to make certain every business succeeds in their space.